Kaotica 7B

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The Kaotica 7B is designed to accommodate front-address microphones, primarily used in podcasting and live radio applications. It gives you the ability to capture a clear signal, giving your broadcast that professional studio sound.

    Compatible Mics

    AKG 414
    MXL 4000
    AKG C1000S
    AKG C214
    AKG C3000
    AKG C314
    AKG C391 B
    AKG C4000B
    AKG C414 XLII
    AKG C414 XLS
    AKG C430
    AKG C451 B
    AKG P120
    AKG P170
    AKG P220
    AKG P420
    AKG P820
    Apex 176
    Apex 415B
    Apex 591
    Art M6
    Aston Element
    Aston Origin
    Aston Spirit
    Aston Starlight
    Audio-Technica 4051b
    Audio-Technica 4053b
    Audio-Technica 5400
    Audio-Technica 6100
    Audio-Technica AE3300
    Audio-Technica AE4100
    Audio-Technica AT2005USB
    Audio-Technica AT2020
    Audio-Technica AT2020USB+
    Audio-Technica AT2020USBi
    Audio-Technica AT2021
    Audio-Technica AT2035
    Audio-Technica AT2050 (Special Instructions Shock Mount)
    Audio-Technica AT3035
    Audio-Technica AT4021
    Audio-Technica AT4022
    Audio-Technica AT4033a
    Audio-Technica AT4040
    Audio-Technica AT4041
    Audio-Technica AT4047
    Audio-Technica AT4047/SV
    Audio-Technica AT4049b
    Audio-Technica AT4050
    Audio-Technica AT4060a
    Audio-Technica AT5047
    Audio-Technica AT8004
    Audio-Technica AT8004L
    Audio-Technica AT8010
    Audio-Technica AT8015
    Audio-Technica AT8033
    Audio-Technica AT8035
    Audio-Technica AT875R
    Audio-Technica AT897
    Audio-Technica ATM610a/S
    Audio-Technica ATM710
    Audio-Technica ATR2100USB
    Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB
    Audio-Technica BP40
    Audio-Technica BP4001
    Audio-Technica BP4002
    Audio-Technica BP4027
    Audio-Technica BP4029
    Audio-Technica BP4071
    Audio-Technica BP4071L
    Audio-Technica BP4073
    Audio-Technica Pro 37
    Avantone BV-1
    Avantone CK-1
    Avantone CK-40
    Avantone CK-6
    Avantone CV-12
    Behringer B-1
    Behringer B-2 Pro
    Behringer B1
    Behringer B2 Pro
    Behringer C-1 | C-3
    Behringer C-1U
    Beyerdynamic FOX USB
    Beyerdynamic M160
    Beyerdynamic M201
    Beyerdynamic M88
    Beyerdynamic MC930
    Beyerdynamic MC950
    Blue Bird
    Blue Blue Baby Bottle
    Blue Kiwi
    Blue Raspberry
    Blue Spark
    Blue Yeti Mic Wired
    Blue Yeti Pro Studio
    Blue Yeti Pro USB
    CAD E-100
    CAD M179
    Electro-Voice PL20/RE20
    Electro-Voice RE20
    Electro-Voice RE27N
    Electro-Voice RE320
    Focusrite Scarlett Studio CM25
    Gauge Precision Instruments ECM-84
    Gauge Precision Instruments ECM-87
    Genesis GenesisHE
    Golden Age Project GA-800 G
    Grove Tube GT66
    Heil PR40
    Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387
    Lauten Audio FC-357
    Lauten Audio LA-120
    Lauten Audio LA-120
    Lauten Audio LA-220
    Lauten Audio LA-320
    Lauten Audio LT-386
    Lewitt 440
    Lewitt 440 Pure
    Lewitt LCT 240 Pro
    Lewitt LCT 540
    Lewitt LCT 840 | 940
    Lewitt Lewitt LCT 550
    M-Audio Nova
    Manley KM183/184/185
    Manley Reference Cardioid
    Manley Reference Gold
    Manley Reference Silver
    Microtech Gafell M930
    Microtech Gefell M930
    Mojave MA- 50 | 200 | 201 | 300 | 301
    Mojave MA-1000
    MXL 2003A
    MXL 2006
    MXL 3000
    MXL 550
    MXL 603S
    MXL 606
    MXL 770
    MXL 770X
    MXL 880
    MXL 910
    MXL 990
    MXL 990HE
    MXL 990USB
    MXL Black Widow
    MXL Blizzard 990
    MXL CR89
    MXL Genesis
    MXL R144
    MXL R44 HE
    MXL Studio 24 USB
    MXL Tempo
    MXL USB006
    MXL V63M
    MXL V67
    MXL V67G HE
    MXL V67i
    MXL V67N
    MXL V69 EDT
    MXL V69 HE
    MXL V87
    Neumann BCM 104
    Neumann KM183
    Neumann KMR 81D
    Neumann KMR 81i
    Neumann KMR 82i mt
    Neumann M149
    Neumann Neumann U89I
    Neumann TLM 102
    Neumann TLM 103
    Neumann TLM 107
    Neumann TLM 193
    Neumann TLM49
    Neumann U47-FET
    Neumann U87
    Oktava MK-012
    Oktava MK-105
    Oktava MK-220
    Oktava MK-319
    Pearlman TM1
    Pearlman TM47
    Peluso P-12
    Rockville RCM02
    Rockville RCM03
    RODE Broadcaster
    RODE Classic II ltd
    RODE K2
    RODE M3
    RODE M5
    RODE NT1
    RODE NT1-A
    RODE NT1000
    RODE NT2-A
    RODE NT2000
    RODE NT3
    RODE NT5
    RODE NT55
    RODE NTG 1
    RODE NTG 2
    RODE NTG 3
    RODE NTG 4
    RODE NTG 4+
    RODE NTG 8
    RODE PodMic
    RODE Rode TF-5
    RODE TX-M2
    RODE VideoMic NTG
    Roswell COLARES
    Roswell DELPHOS
    Roswell MINI 47
    Roswell MINI 87
    Samson C01
    Samson C02
    Samson CO1
    Samson CO3 & COS3U
    Samson MTR-201 | 231
    Samson MTR101
    Samson Q2U
    Samson VR-88
    sE Electronics RNT
    sE Electronics sE2200
    sE Electronics sE7
    sE Electronics sE8
    sE Electronics X1-A/Magneto
    sE Electronics X1A Series
    sE Electronics X1S Series
    sE Electronics Z5600a II
    Sennheiser MK4
    Sennheiser MK8
    SHURE Beta 57A
    SHURE Beta 58A
    SHURE Beta 87A
    SHURE Beta 87C
    SHURE KSM 27
    SHURE KSM 313
    SHURE KSM 42
    SHURE KSM137
    SHURE KSM141
    SHURE SM137
    SHURE SM48
    SHURE SM57
    SHURE SM58
    SHURE SM63
    SHURE SM81
    SHURE SM86
    SHURE SM94
    SHURE VP82
    Slate Digital Slate
    Slate Digital Slate ML1
    Slate Digital Slate ML1 Vintage
    Sontronics STC-2
    Sontronics STC-20
    Sony C-100
    Sony C-800
    Sony C800G
    Sony ECM-673
    Sony ECM-674
    Sony ECM-678
    Sony ECM-680S
    Sony ECM-MS2
    Sony ECM-VG1
    Sony F-112
    Sony F-720
    Sony F-780
    Soyuz 023 Bomblet
    Soyuz SU-017 | 019
    Steinberg ST-M01
    Sterling 151
    Sterling ST55
    Sterling ST6050
    Studio Projects B1
    Studio Projects B3
    Studio Projects C1
    Telefunken 251E
    Telefunken AR-51
    Townsend Labs Sphere L22
    Upton 251
    Vanguard V13
    Vanguard V4 FET
    Warm Audio 251
    Warm Audio FC-357
    Warm Audio WA-47
    Warm Audio WA-87
    Warm Audio WA-87 R2
    Warm Audio WA14
    Warm Audio WA47 JR
    Warm Audio WA84
    Wunder CM49
    Wunder CM50
    Wunder CM67
    Wunder CM7